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The Barony of Namron is a local branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. Our geographical area includes Norman, Moore and Shawnee, Oklahoma. Learn a little more about our barony on our introduction page. If you are new to the area or the SCA and would like someone to contact you please feel free to drop us a note

Upcoming Events

Pennsic War 43

Pennsic is an annual event, in the guise of a "War", between the Kingdoms of the East and theMiddle of the Society for Creative Anachronism Pennsic is also the largest Society event, with attendance in recent years exceeding 10,000. The scheduled activities include large melee battles, tournaments, archery, stage performances, dancing, and hundreds of classes on medieval topics. The marketplace has over 200 merchants selling a variety of wares.

The opening weekend of Pennsic is the last Saturday in July, and the event runs for 2 weeks. If you decide to attend Pennsic for the full two weeks, there will certainly be plenty for you to do. But if you can only make it for a week or less, you'll want to be there during the second week, as that's when the battles and most other events are scheduled.

July 25th thur August 10th, 2014


News from the Baron and Baroness (Mar 2014)


June was a little busy, with 2 demos in the North! His Excellency attended the Canton of Myrgenfeld’s demo in Guthrie, and had a blast doing so. Many people came by and showed an interest in what the SCA has to offer.  Her Excellency attended Kings Collage the same weekend with a wonderful group of women. Classes, classes, and classes ensued, and a great, hot time was had by all.  We were not able to attend the demo held by Haldtre, but having seen the photos, we
know a great time was had by all. 

Now that June has passed, we can look outward to Crown in July. Many of our Northern fighters are heading down to fight for The Crown of Ansteorra. Let's show the South what we are all about! 

After Crown is Round Table. This event is mostly a business day, so if you are looking to take over an office, or just have an interest in the business aspect of the SCA, this would be a great event to attend. 

War approaches. Pennsic starts at the end of July. Unfortunately, neither of us are able to go this year. We have quite a few people from Namron going, and we wish them safe travels. 

Our Canton to the east Skorragardr, is having a blast with all the local activities. They have Thursday night leather and Lace at Lord Allon and Lady Maura's house. Leather and Lace is sewing and armor making, and quite popular in the area. Sundays they have The Gather, a fighter practice A&S in the park. The First Sunday of the month is populace meeting, held after The Gather at the local IHOP. His Excellency will be in attendance this month, and any and all are welcome. Call His Excellency if you need a ride. 

Our Monday night A&S has been going wonderfully! Come out and make stuff with your friends! 

Our activities at the Sellers center have been well attended, but not well funded. Last month we were short $57, which Wiesenfeuer covered. Remember, if you are attending chivalric or rapier practice, Fire Storm Ink or Fire Storm Passion, there is a $1 charge for the use of the building. If we are short again, we risk loosing the space. 

His Excellency and I would like to start painting and repainting our baronial pavilions.  We will be getting with Jakob to discuss the specifics. 

This past month, we lost one of our own. Lord Bucello left this world a darker place. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sabylla and her family. He will truly be missed. 

Have a safe and happy 4th of July.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We are here because of you.

Remember, Just Care

Barone Andrew and Baronessa Kyna 


Where is Populace Meeting?

Meetings are on the first THURSDAY of the month at 7:30 PM at the Unitaran Universalist Felllowship at 1309 W Boyd, Norman OK 73069.

The 2nd Monday of each month will be an A&S meeting where people who miss the business meeting can catch up on what is happening while learning something new. Unofficial officer meeting notes are available under the Seneschal's page.

Where Are The Practices?

Chivalric fighter practices, also called heavy practice, is Sellers Rec Center from 6:00PM to 8:30PM, on Wednesday evenings. Here is a map to the site.

Archery Practice is every Sunday from 10:00 AM to noon and is held at 4200 East Franklin, Norman, OK. Loaner Equipment is available so come out and have some fun! In case of inclement weather Archery may be cancelled. If it is cancelled, notices will be posted on the Barony of Namron Facebook page and sent out on the Baronial email list.

There is a large map showing this location. On this map, look for the shield that says "practice" on the map.

Rapier fighter practice is also held  at Sellers Rec Center in Oklahoma City at 6:45 p.m. every Tuesday. Here is a map to the site.

Click here to view a complete list of activities.

How can I get on the mailing list?

To subscribe, visit: http://lists.ansteorra.org/listinfo.cgi/namron-ansteorra.org. Once there, you may enter your e-mail information and hit the "subscribe" button.
You can also look at the archives of previous messages from that page. without having to subscribe.

How do become a member of the SCA?

The first step is to contact someone from our group and let us know you are interested. The best person is our hospitaler . Then we can get together at a local practice or A&S night and see where your interests lay. There is more to the SCA than can be covered in a single website.

Events are our main activity and the culmination of all we do. They take place throughout the year. As it takes a little preparation for your first event, you should meet us at one of our weekly activities so we can help get you ready.

To become a member of the SCA you need to submit an application. The form can be found here. For information on out local group, Namron, please contact our, hospitaler.

What do our Heraldic Arms look like?

These are visible in the top corners of this page. The one that looks like it has a black tornado on it is the arms of the Barony and the one with the white wings is the arms of our Canton.

Here is an SVG version of our baronial arms (9380 bytes) and one of our  civil ensign (1496 bytes). A full vector version created by Master Finnican is available here. These are graphic files that can be smoothly scaled to any size and most modern browsers can view them. Anyone from Namron can display the civil ensign and it is very distinctive for marking a campsite as belonging to someone from Namron.

Here is an SVG version of the arms of the canton (12589 bytes).

Permission for their use (536424 bytes) has been granted the S.C.A. by their artist.

A schedule of day to day activities can be found in their own section, and other useful information can be found in our newsletters.

We have a collection of maps to various event sites and meeting places.

Some links to websites published by our members.

Please see our disclaimer page for restrictions on usage, copyright information, and credits.

Upcoming Events

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