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Baronial Awards

The Baronial Baronial Order of Precedence can be found here. 


The Torsade is the Barony's service award and is presented by the Baron and Baroness of Namron. The colors of the Torsade represent past Baron & and Baronesses. This award is given when an individual has worked to help the Barony at a number of events and throughout the year in other activities and helps to improve the Barony of Namron.

Argent Fluer

The Argent Fluer is an Arts and Sciences award and is presented by the Baron and Baroness of Namron. This award is given to those individuals who enrich the culture of Namron by their skill in the creation and or performance of period items. These skills can be for a wide range of activities and talent that cover all we see and do in the SCA.

Ascia Rossa

The Ascia Rossa is a fighting award and is presented by the Baron and Baroness of Namron. The symbol is a red fighting axe with a black Namron storm on it. This award is given to those members who take the field and fight for the honor and glory of Namron and to protect our lands. The Premier recipient of this award is Barone Orlando. This award was designed and created by Barone Orlando and Baronessa Caterina prior to their investiture. At the step down court of Baron Donnchadh he surprised everyone by presenting the premier award to Barone Orlando before their investiture.

Order of the Heart of the Sable Storm

The Order of the Heart of the Sable Storm is the only Baronial Award that carries with it an Award of Arms. The current sitting Baron and Baroness of Namron are always the principles of this order, even if they had not received the award prior to their investiture. This award is given after years of service to the Barony and inducts the recipient in to the Order. The Order has meetings ad discusses the status of the Barony and how they can continue to improve it, guide it, help other members continue to grow, and continue to work as examples to others.


The Order of the Krieghelt is a polling order. All appointments are made under the counsel of the Order. This award carries no Order of Presidence (OP) but carries great prestige. It is the highest Baronial award they may be given and is given, by the Baron and Baroness, for lifelong service to the Barony.