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Title Artisans

Photo of H.E. Angharad
H.E. Angharad

1. Baroness Angharad Rhonwen of Caerleon

Photo of the Seneschal
Master Aethelstan Aethelmearson

2. Master Aethelstan Aethemearson

Photo of H.L. Aldric
H.L. Aldric

3. Honorable Lord Aldric de Kerr

4. Honorable Lord Malaki David Dracwin

5. Honorable Lord Isaac Bane

Photo of Ayesha de Warwick
Ayesha de Warwick

6. Honorable Lady Ayesha de Warwick

7. Honorable Lady Sabine Lefevre d'Armagnac

8. Lady Faolan MacFarland

Photo of Annais de Montgomerie
Annais de Montgomerie

9. Honorable Lady Annais de Montgomerie

Photo of Annabelle Marie Fitzsimmons
Annabelle Marie Fitzsimmons

10. Baroness Annabelle Marie Fitzsimmons