Letter of Intent Turnbull / Terricsdottir

*This letter is unedited and in their original format.*

Letter of Intent from Baron Andrew and Baronessa Kyna Turnbull 

Unto Their Stellar Majesties Gwen and Lochlan, Queen and King of Ansteorra, Master Modius von Mergentheim,
Ansteorran Kingdom Seneschal, and the Populous of the Barony of Namron, and the Canton of Skorragardr,do We,
Andrew and Kyna send our greetings. We would like to put forth this letter as our official intent to be considered to
continue to be the Baron and Baroness of Namron.

Three and a half years ago Their Majesties entrusted the lands of Namron to our care as Baron and Baroness. We
entered that service humbly, with goals in mind but with the understanding that the Will of the Baronies people
would influence how these goals would be accomplished. Namron was a fount of possibilities and we have been
blessed time and again with seeing these possibilities come to reality.

In our original letter of intent, we focused on three main topics. We would like to go back and look at these.

Your Canton of Skorragardr to the east of Namron has been a focus for us. We admit that we have not put as much
focus as we would have liked, and we wish to be able to rectify that in the coming months and years. There is a small,
dedicated group of members that have kept Skorragardr growing and thriving. Recently, the Barony of Namron has
purchased a period pavilion for the Canton, with the previsions that they decorate it within a year. We believe this
will help Skorragardr create a feeling of unity and acceptance, as well as a continued identity of their own. Right now,
we are working on the strength of the groups people, making sure that everyone has a place to feel accepted. We
hope to support Skorragardr in their efforts to expand to the east once again, when they are ready.

Also during our tenure a strong group of people to the South have banded together to try and form an SCA group of
their own. Not only have they held an event with support of the Barony but they made a HUGE profit in doing so.
They have had the full support of the Barony, as well as Andrew and Kyna, not only as Baron and Baroness, but also as
a Centurion of the Sable Star and a Pelican of Ansteorra. They have the heart, strength, and determination to not fail.
We look forward to seeing where that determination will lead them.

Our second focus was to identify those “fringe members” or groups and to help them find their niche within the SCA.
We have helped many of those members become integral persons within Namron. They are more active taking
offices, autocrating events, and helping out when and wherever they're able. The SCA is growing daily and with that
comes more members that will need guidance and direction. We hope to be able to continue to welcome these
people, showing them that a shiny “pointy hat” is nothing to be scared of. One of our greatest joys becoming Baron
and Baroness has been helping these new members find their place within this family. Whether we remain as Baron
and Baroness or not, this will not change

Our third goal was to make your Barony more beautiful that she already was. While we have sat as Baron and
Baroness we have gathered every summer for major work days. We, as a Barony, have painted all our pavilions,
repainted those pavilions that needed it, worked on repainting and repairing the list field, held sewing workshops,
helped to make new silk banners, and tried to keep our Barony as polished as the Crowns that sit upon your brow.
We still have so much left to help with. Our next big project, the Great Wall of Namron, has been entirely
spearheaded by one of our newer members, Kolfina. We are working on painting personal devices and images on
walls to help distinguish Namron as one of the Known World's finest at Gulf Wars, Medieval Fair, and other events
where Namron shows up in force. We, as Baron and Baroness, have merely been helping those in your Barony to
beautify not only the possessions but the people as well. We will continue to help those who ask, whether we hold
offices or not.

Your Majesties, we feel we have made great strides towards accomplishing the goals we set when we took our first
steps on this long and joyous road. We also feel that we have so much more to offer this great Barony. It is our most
sincere hope that you allow is to continue to serve the people of your Barony of Namron as their Baron and Baroness.

Yours in Service,

Andrew Turnbull; turnbull570@yahoo.com

Kyna Terricsdottir; Kynaterricsdottir@yahoo.com