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Apply for Office

In order to apply for office you must be a member of the SCA. Officers are selected by the northern regional officers. So, all applications are handled through them. Although, the Baron and Baroness may choose to veto an applicant for an office. You should expect to be interviewed by the regional officer, the Baronial Sceneschal and the Baron and Banroness.

Submit the following items in person, by mail or email to the Namron sceneschal, Baron and Baroness and the northern regional officer for the office you are applying for:

What is expected of a Baronial Officer?

You must be able to perform all the duties of your office as prescribed by kingdom law. These duties usually include monthly and quarterly reporting. Before applying you should familiarize yourself with these duties. You will be expected to attend a monthly officer's meeting and a monthly populace meeting. You are also expected to take responsibility for those areas that fall under your office during Baronial Events.

Can an officer delegate responsibilities to a deputy?

Yes! We highly recommend it. You may delegate many duties, this includes attendance at meetings, event responsibilities and other responsibilities. The only duties you can not delegate are those forbidden by kingdom law and reporting.