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The Hospitaler is the “Baronial Welcome Wagon”. He/she is responsible for meeting and greeting
newcomers to the SCA, and helping them get started. The Hospitaler will have information about
local meetings, events, and assist in many other ways to help a newcomer become acclimated to a
world that can seem rather confusing, but exciting at the same time.

Another valuable responsibility to the Barony is to coordinate demonstrations for schools, groups
and events. The Hospitaler also organizes special social gatherings so that newcomers and
members can get to know each other.

Whom can I go to with questions?
As Hospitaler you can contact me at hospitaler@baronyofnamron.org. I am always willing to help you or you can simply ask anyone in the Barony; he or she will usually be more than happy to help answer any questions.

I welcome you to the Current Middle Ages! We hope you will come and share in our Dream of an era long past, but not forgotten.

Sybilla Von Brugh

What is there to do?
Because we focus on the study and education of the Middle Ages we offer many activities for you to
experience these periods through hands-on learning; ranging from The Arts of weaving, calligraphy,
embroidery, metal working, leatherworking; The Sciences of brewing, culinary and candle making; and The Martial Arts of armored combat, rapier, archery and thrown weapons. If they practiced it in the Middle Ages, then there is probably someone doing it in the SCA.

How do I get started?
The best way to get started is to come to a Populous Meeting. You will be able to meet with our Baronial Officers and the individuals that teach the many arts listed above.

Why does everyone have a strange name?
Each person in the SCA chooses to recreate a portion of history that best suits them. We call it our “persona”.  We will choose from a variety of time periods and cultures to model ourselves after; we then will create a name and some will even build a story of their persona’s history.

How can I fit in?
To truly feel part of the Society at an Event, we have simple loaner garb (period clothing) available to use until you are able to design your own; which we can also help with. Occasionally we will have an evening where we get together to work on new clothes for ourselves or help others sew their first T-tunic. There is also feast gear available to use at an Event.

What is an Event?
This can be a Saturday of activities or an entire weekend and occurs throughout the year. Most members have tents but some sites may have cabins available. Some Events have feast and there is usually a Tavern available for meals, too. You can also prepare your own meals if you so desire. After arriving on Friday, we will set up camp, and then enjoy the evening of relaxing with friends. Saturday is filled with Chivalric competitions, Art and Science competitions or classes and perhaps a Feast. The day usually ends with a hafla or a bardic circle around a campfire.