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I have found that the position of Seneschal is one of the least understood of all the positions in the SCA. Most officer positions within the SCA derive their duties from a fairly narrow area related to their specialty, such as Archery or Rapier, the Seneschal gets their duties from all areas.

The Seneschal is the legal representative of the SCA for the group and is the president of the group. What this means is that I work to coordinate the efforts of the officers and activities so that everything runs smooth. Along with the Baron & Baroness and the Treasurer I work as part of the Financial committee to make sure that all of the funds are used for the benefit of the group and in the best manner possible. The Seneschal is responsible for signing all contracts and being the representative for the SCA with the media.

I work to make sure that all of the reports are turned in on time and that all of the SCA rules and policies are followed and that all local laws are complied with. If I do my job really well, you will hardly even know I am here.