Chivalric Tournament

Chivalric Armored Combat

No one action helped to forge the middle ages more than the tourna-ment and warfare. Imagine yourself clad in mail standing on a great green field on a spring morning amidst hundreds of your allies pre-pared to face off with your adver-sary. The charge is called and battle is joined. Shields clash together, swords ring off helms, and arrows whistle overhead seeking their foe. The sound of a thousand soldiers in the heat of battle echoes across the vale.
Or, picture yourself on the field of honor, you and dozens of your clos-est friends placing your skills in armored combat against one another to see who will be the champion of a barony. The king and queen, and the assembled court of Ansteorra look on in awe as you fight for your lady fair in honorable contest.

Ever wanted to be a soldier in the employ of the king? A squire training to increase your combat skills so you may one day become that knight in shining armor? If that is what you seek, then seek no further.

The Barony of Namron wishes to invite you to chivalric practice. Practice is held weekly.   Please see the local activities page for the current time and location.

This is a full contact sport and requires you wear armor. The Barony has loaner armor. So, new fighters need only bring elbow and knee pads an athletic support and cup. We have plenty of loan armor to get you started down your new path.

Hope to see you soon,
Jakob Kreig,
Knight’s Marshall of Namron